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1990s Parker Duofold Centennial Gold Fountain Pen

1990s Parker Duofold Centennial Gold Fountain Pen

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The Parker Duofold Centennial Gold-Coated Fountain Pen measures 13.6 cm in length, with the nib crafted from 18K 750 gold in a medium size. This pen has seen only minimal use with ink and is in excellent condition, both cosmetically and functionally. It comes complete with its original box, although without the original papers. Constructed from gold-coated metal featuring a distinctive golden pattern, this pen boasts gold-coated embellishments at the apex where "Duofold" is elegantly inscribed. The cap of the pen is screw-on, and it offers the versatility of using either cartridges or a piston converter (the latter is already installed and included). The pen's nib is fashioned from 18 karat gold, ensuring a smooth writing experience. As an added bonus, you will also receive a brand new original 57ml ink bottle from Parker in the color "Blue/Black".

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