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BRAUN Macro Flash with Ø 58 mm filter. Japan 1982

BRAUN Macro Flash with Ø 58 mm filter. Japan 1982

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BRAUN MACRO FLASH electronic. Made in Japan in 1982 for Robert Bosch GmbH Geschäftsbereich Photokino Stuttgart.
Rescued with 💘 in Vienna.

The Braun MacroFlash is a special electronic flash fitted with two reflectors to ensure even illumination of close-up and macro shots. With te aid of the adapter ring supplied (M 58 x 0.75 mm) the MacroFlash is mounted either directly onto the filter thread of the camera lens or via an intermediate ring.
The light output is controlled manually and exactly according to the individual assignment. Film speed, focal length of the lens and desired operating f/stop, are the basis of the light output control. This method has two distinct advantages: that both colour and light/shadow contrasts of the subject will not influence the light control and the shot can be repeated under the same light conditions. The required amount of light is determined with the aid of a calculator on the flash unit and is set manually.
The Braun MacroFLash is triggered via the power supply flash which is connected to the synch contact of the camera. In this case the triggering of the supply flash is automatically out of operation.

➳ CONDITION The flash is new and in perfect condition (10/10). The box has many marks due to its age.

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