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Game "LOTTO" Verlag von J.W. Speer & Sohne, Nuremberg D005. Germany 30s /40s.

Game "LOTTO" Verlag von J.W. Speer & Sohne, Nuremberg D005. Germany 30s /40s.

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Fan of board games? Here is a treasure that cannot be missing in your collection!
Board game "LOTTO", from publisher J.W. Spear & Söhne, made in Nuremberg in the 1930s.
Rescued with love in Vienna.

Nuremberg is known as the birthplace of toys in Germany. From board games to tin toys, the city had the highest concentration of manufacturers per square foot in the country. J.W. Spear & Söhne was one of the most important "publishers" (as they were called then) in the area. Founded in 1879, among its catalog are games such as Scrabble, world famous thanks to Mattel, who acquired the company in 1997.

The Lotto game, which we could compare with Bingo, includes 18 playing cards, a cloth bag for the chips, 90 numbered wooden chips (1-90) and a box with glass chips for the cards. The game instructions are printed on paper that is glued to the box. The lid of the box acts as a control panel. The box dividers are made of wood, while the box itself is made of very hard maroon-colored cardboard with silver-colored letters.

CONDITION: Interior: Vintage in very good condition (9/10) All the cardboards are in very good condition except one (A3), which has a small tear on the right side. The wooden tokens are in very good condition, the cloth bag too. The glass tokens are in good condition, most have quite a few damaged edges.

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