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Höhr Germany Vase 50s Mid-century design

Höhr Germany Vase 50s Mid-century design

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At an antique flea market in Reinland-Palatinate (Germany) we found this ingenious piece among some other beautiful specimens. After doing some research we found out that this vase was produced near this flea market in the 50s. What a hit!

Manufacturer: Höhr Germany
Location: Höhr-Grenzhausen, Made in Germany,
Year of manufacture: 1950-1959
Handmade, Studio Design, unusual ceramic work.
Trademark Logo: Höhr Germany
Number: 210/25 No. 4
Color: brown, white, turquoise, yellow.
Dimensions: 25 cm
Diameter: From 9 cm to 15 cm

CONDITION: Very good vintage condition. See pics.

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