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Krups Café Voyager / Café Mobil model 1470

Krups Café Voyager / Café Mobil model 1470

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Embark on a java journey with the KRUPS Café Voyager, the '80s German marvel that dared to go mobile as Café Mobil. Scooped up in Vienna, this globetrotter's dream brewer is your ticket to coffee nirvana, anywhere, anytime. With its low-pressure system, every sip promises an eruption of warmth and aroma, while the stainless steel filter guards the essence of pure coffee. It's a coffee command center with room for all - coffee, sugar, milk powder, and even has its own cup! Automatic shut-off? Check. Chic travel bag? Double check. Condition: Lovingly used but flaunting a near-mint 9/10 - she's a beauty without a blemish in sight.

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