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MOULINEX Charlotte 308. France 70s

MOULINEX Charlotte 308. France 70s

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Introducing the MOULINEX Charlotte, a versatile food processor crafted in France during the 1970s. This multifunctional wonder is a mincer, slicer, grater, peeler, and citrus juicer all in one. Complete with German instructions and its original packaging, it's a kitchen essential with a main unit that accommodates three different attachments for a variety of culinary tasks, from chopping to sausage-making to orange squeezing. The Charlotte is your trusted kitchen companion, lovingly rescued in Vienna.


Manufactured: France, 1970s
Functions: Mincer, Slicer, Grater, Peeler, Citrus Juicer
Attachments: Three with multiple functions
Language of Instructions: German
Packaging: Original
In very good vintage condition (9/10), it's evident this kitchen marvel has seen minimal use; some accessories appear unused. Despite showing a few storage marks in the photos, it's in remarkable condition. The packaging rates at a good (7/10) with slight wear, enhanced by the charm of a German recipe handwritten on the lid by its previous owner.
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