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PHILIPS HP 4625. Peter Nagelkerke. Holland 1978

PHILIPS HP 4625. Peter Nagelkerke. Holland 1978

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Iconic "portable" hair dryer, PHILIPS HP 4625. Designed by Peter Nagelkerke, it was introduced to the market in 1978 to "free" women from the tedious and lengthy hair drying under hooded dryers in salons. According to the advertising of the time, the HP 4625 could be hung practically over the shoulder, and thanks to the length of its cord, it could be carried throughout the home to perform household tasks, take care of children, or even talk on the phone. Hence the name given to the model: "die Schwebe Leise," translated as "The Quiet Hover." Green and black plastic body, removable green plastic cover in which the hairdryer hood and cord are inserted.

Condition: Very good vintage condition (9/10) with 2 dark marks on the body and minor signs of wear. In working condition.

Note: The hairdryer is sold as a design object. Since it is a vintage item, we cannot guarantee the safety of its operation.

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