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Polaroid 5000 PolaSonic Auto Focus

Polaroid 5000 PolaSonic Auto Focus

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A compact and functional camera perfect for getting started in instant photography.
Looking for a gift for a photography lover? With the Polaroid Polasonic AF 5000 you will not fail.

😊 Perfect for: outdoor photography, bright spaces, scenes with little movement.
😡 Not good for: professional photography, interiors, low light, moving scenes.

The Polaroid Polasonic AF 5000 is one of Polaroid's most award-winning designs since production began in 1977. It can shoot manual or autofocus photos, using the Sonar Auto Focus device, which calculates distance to make focusing easier. . Its shutter is automatic and it can make exposures of up to 10 seconds, so it is recommended to use it outdoors with light, and use it with a flash indoors (the camera does not have a built-in flash). Allows you to calculate the exposure.
Rescued with love in Austria.

➳ Technical Characteristics:

- Three element lens (116mm).
- Automatic focus with manual option (from 90 cm to infinity)
- Diaphragm / aperture: f/9.4
- Shutter: electronic range around 1 – 1/180 sec
- Exposure system: Automatic
- Exposure compensator with +light/+dark selector
- Electronic flash: not included.
- Type of film: SX-70

· Original packaging and original instructions book.

· Very good vintage condition.

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