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Polaroid 600 JOB PRO

Polaroid 600 JOB PRO

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The Polaroid Job 2 was created in the 1990s as a successor to the Job Pro (1980) and is cast in bright 'safety' yellow, to highlight their suitability for building and work sites. The body is reportedly designed for durability, but on examination they seem practically identical to 600 models of their era. Quick instructions are attached to the back of the camera.
Rescued with love somewhere in USA

➳ Features

· 116mm single-element plastic lens.
· Fixed focus with a minimal focal length of 4 feet.
· Electronic shutter.
· Built-in electronic flash.
· Film: 600-speed film.

➳ Includes:

· Original Job Pro 2 box and original book instructions.

➳ Condition:

· It is a second-hand camera so has the normal marks for its use and time.

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