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Polaroid iZone

Polaroid iZone

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Like many things made in the 90s, the iZone is an ode to plastic and garish colors. Without much pretense. The iZone is what you see, a cheap and very easy to use instant plastic camera created to reach a young audience, another motto of the 90s: live fast, die young and leave a beautiful corpse.

The iZone took 1.5 "x1" photos, which came on a removable paper strip. The strip was decorated and could then be cut to size as the photo when the image was finished developing. A special film was also available that had an adhesive back for mounting the prints. It is one of the few cameras made by Polaroid that needs batteries to function, as the film cartridge does not include.

A major marketing point for the camera was its ease of use - the camera had just three aperture settings, selected by a lever pointing to an image representing when each setting would be appropriate, whether indoors, outdoors in a sunny day or outdoors. on a cloudy day. After taking a photo, the lever would automatically return to the off position to save power.

The iZone began production by the Japanese company Tommy in February 1999 and was discontinued in 2006. So yes. As you have already assumed, the film for this camera is not manufactured. But if you feel like it, on the internet you will find some tutorials on how to "bring the iZone back to life".

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Vintage in good condition. Please check the photos. What you are seeing is what you will purchase.

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