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Polaroid Revue 1001 Land Camera

Polaroid Revue 1001 Land Camera

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The Polaroid Revue 1001 is an instant camera, manufactured by Polaroid in the 1980s for "Foto-Quelle" under the name "Revue 1001", with a black plastic body and a blue shutter button.
A camera rarity that every Polaroid lover has to have in their collection!

😊 Perfect for: Outdoor photography, bright spaces, scene with little movement.
😡 Not good for: Professional photography, interiors, low light, moving scenes.

In the late 1970s, Polaroid began to manufacture plastic-bodied non-folding cameras for their SX-70 film, as an alternative to the more expensive folding SX-70s. Numerous iterations of these “OneSteps” appeared through the early 80s, with slight design variations and features. The Revue 1001 is one of those iterations.

Like the other rigid plastic SX-70 OneStep models, The Revue 1001 had a single-element plastic lens, fixed focus, electronic shutter, programmed auto exposure and a socket for flashbars or electronic flash attachments.
(info: the Impossible Blog

All these models use the SX-70 integral film, meaning the camera is powered by a battery built into the film pack. Many of these models were able to use certain accessories designed for the folding SLR line of SX-70 cameras, such as flashbars, electronic flashes and tripod mounts. This type of Polaroid cameras don't have autofocus.
The 500 camera works with any of Impossible’s SX-70 films.

- 1 element plastic lens with fixed aperture (103mm, f14.6)
- 4ft minimum focus distance.
- Exposure compensation dial around electric eye.

- It is a second-hand camera, so it has the marks and scratches from normal use and time.

REF: C20151204

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