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Polaroid Revue 5005 Sonar Autofocus Land Camera

Polaroid Revue 5005 Sonar Autofocus Land Camera

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The Revue Sonar Autofocus 5005 is an instant camera produced by Polaroid and sold under the german brand "Revue" by Foto-Quelle. Foto-Quelle of Nuremberg, Germany, was a large retailer of camera and photographic equipment.
It is very similar to the Polaroid 5000 Polasonic Autofocus. And it works identically.
It incorporates the sonar autofocus system, which means that the camera automatically focuses on the subject or scene.
It uses SX 70 film and can be purchased at POLAROID Originals.
It is considered a collector's camera for its extreme rarity.

😊 Perfect for: Outdoor photography, bright spaces, portraits.
😡 Not good for: Professional photography, interiors, low light, moving scenes.

· 3 element plastic lens (116mm).
· Autofocus with manual option (de 90 cm to infinity)
· Aperture: f/9.4
· Shutter: Electronic range around 1 - 1/180 sec
· Exposure System: Automatic
· Exposure compensator selector
· Flash electrónico: not incorporated.
· Film: SX-70 (available + 20€)

- Mint condition. It is a second-hand camera, but looks like new. No marks.

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