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Polaroid Sun 600 LMS with original box

Polaroid Sun 600 LMS with original box

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POLAROID SUN 600 LMS With original packaging. The camera is tested and it is fully functional. It is used in near mint condition. Looks like new.

Rescued with love in Austria.

- Original box.

The POLAROID SUN 600 LMS was made in the 80s.

- Shutter speed: automatic between 1/4 to1/200 sec.
- Aperture: f/11
- Focusing: from 1.2m to infinity
- Shutter and light metering: Controlled by an electronic cell
- Polaroid's Light Management System (the darken/lighten exposure correction slider).
- Lens: Single-element plastic lens 116mm
- Integral auto flash that works in low light.
- Date of production: 1980
- ISO 640

Please write to us if you have any questions. To ask is for free!

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