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Polaroid Supercolor 645 + Original Packing and original instructions book

Polaroid Supercolor 645 + Original Packing and original instructions book

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A variation of the box-style plastic bodied 600 cameras produced throughout the 80s and early 90s. The 635 has the iconic rainbow stripe (this time in red) on a side of the front.

Polaroid has designed a unique photographic system. Using a tiny electronic computer, the system - a camera with a buil-in-flash and Polaraoid 600 Land Film - measures light from the subject and blends it with the right amount of flash for beautiful pictures, indoors and outdoors. In strong sunlight, the flash adds just enough light to soften harsh shadows.

The camera's built-in electronic flash unit lifts up for picture-taking, folds down for carrying ease. The flash is designed to be used for every picuture - outdoors and indoors. It charges automatically in about 3 seconds every time you load film into the camera when the flash unit is raised, when you have taken a picture, when you raise the flash unit with film already in the camera, or when you simply touch the shutter button.

➳ Features:

·Lens: 116mm single-element plastic lens.
·Focus: Fix focus.
·Exposure: Programmed automatic exposure system.
·Flash: Built-in electronic flash. Indoors and at night outdoors, the flash range is 60cm - 3m
·Non-flash button: To avoid a flash reflection when photographing through glass in daylight.
·Minimal focal length 60 cm
·Lighten/darken control
·Film: 600-speed film

➳ Condition:
Mint condition. The camera looks like new. No marks.

➳ Includes:

Original Packing and original instructions book.

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