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Polaroid Supercolor Sonar Autofocus 3500

Polaroid Supercolor Sonar Autofocus 3500

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One of the most famous designs of Polaroid. The Polaroid Supercolor AF 3500 was released in 1976. The camera uses SX-70 film (also available under request). Its shutter is automatic and can make exposures up to 10 seconds, so it is recommended to use outdoor light, and in the case of interiors, adding a flash, which can be coupled to play with the camera or a stick 10 flashes use disposable. Choice of automatic or manual distance adjustment (0.9 m - inf.).
Rescued with ❤ in Germany.

➳ Features:

· 3 element plastic lens (116mm).
· Autofocus with manual option (de 90 cm to infinity)
· Aperture: f/9.4
· Shutter: Electronic range around 1 - 1/180 sec
· Exposure System: Automatic
· Exposure compensator selector
· Flash electrónico: not incorporated.
· Film: SX-70 (available + 20€)

➳ Condition:

· Use in a very good condition. The camera has some scratches at the metal and the plastic on the front part (please check picture number 3)

REF: C20150420

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