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Polaroid Vision Camera

Polaroid Vision Camera

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The Vision (o Captiva) series of cameras from Polaroid were SLRs in a rather odd shape. They used Type 500 (discontinued) film which had an image size of 73x54mm, ISO 600, and 10 pictures to a pack. They were produced by Polaroid from 1993-1997.

+ SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) design.
+ Lens: 107mm f/12 (3 plastic elements).
+ Shutter: electronic; range 1/4 - 1/180 sec.
+ Autofocus, but not "Sonar"; only 2 focus zones. Nearest focus is 2 ft.
+ No manual focus control possible.
+ Integrated automatic flash (cannot be overridden manually).
+ Pictures are ejected into a transparent "storage chamber" in the back of the camera; to be removed at any time.
+ Built-in self-timer.
+ Folding body is unlike the SX-70.

Vintage in good condition. Please check the photos. What you are seeing is what you will receive.

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