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Rodenstock Junge Linie Vintage Sunglasses

Rodenstock Junge Linie Vintage Sunglasses

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Feel the Boogie Boogie of these fantastic Rodenstock '70s inspiration. Model Junge Linie (young line, translated from German), to feel young and dancing nonstop at the best Disco parties!
Now, out of jokes. Rodenstock is a german leading manufacturer of sunglasses, ophthalmic lenses and spectacles frames. The company was founded in 1877 and is based in Munich.
The glasses are part of the Junge Linie collection, designed for young customers, hence its size S. They are ideal for small faces that do not accept all types of glasses.

PRODUCTION date: Late '70s / Early '80s
SIZE: Small
CONDITION: New Deadstock (Never Worn)

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