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Shinaon MM1 Cassette Player. Japan 1983

Shinaon MM1 Cassette Player. Japan 1983

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Relive the 80s with the SHINAON MM1 Cassette Player!

Get ready to step back in time with our SHINAON MM1 Cassette Player – a true relic from 1983, made in Japan. This particular cassette player is a nostalgic gem, perfect for 80s enthusiasts.

Product Highlights:

🎶 Vintage Beauty: Immerse yourself in the 80s with this SHINAON MM1 Cassette Player. It's not just a player; it's a time machine.

🎶 Original Box, Nearly New Condition: This player comes in its original box and is in near-mint condition. It's as close to new as you can get, although it doesn't include headphones.

🎶 Classic White Design: Sporting a pristine white exterior, this player runs on 2 AA batteries, making it portable for your musical journeys.

🎶 Unique Operation: The MM1 starts playing when you close the lid and stops when you open it. No buttons, no stop or rewind - it's delightfully simple.

🎶 Specifications:

Weight: 0.200kg
Dimensions: 17 × 19 × 5cm
Condition: This vintage beauty is in good vintage condition (7/10). It exhibits some normal surface scratches on the front due to regular use. The rear side has a deeper mark near the top (right next to the volume wheel), covering almost the entire top portion.

Relive the 80s vibe and enjoy your favorite cassette tapes with the SHINAON MM1 Cassette Player. It's a piece of history that's ready to bring the past back to life.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a classic from the 80s. Order yours today and enjoy the nostalgia! 🎵📻✨

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