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Sony CFS-B15 Portable AM/FM Radio Cassette-Corder

Sony CFS-B15 Portable AM/FM Radio Cassette-Corder

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Sony's CFS-B15 was Sony's final radio cassette combination in the series of small boombox units. It hit the market around the year 2003 and lasted until Sony's big clearance of its audio products.

This device, manufactured in China, features a very sleek design. There are no sound controls or Mega Bass. FM and AM tuning are done via an analog slider, while the cassette drive is equipped with easy-to-use piano key controls. The CFS-B15 can be powered by AC or four D-cell batteries. The stereo sound quality is smooth yet crisp, with good reproduction of human voices and generally pleasant audio quality.

This Sony CFS-B15 has been meticulously tested and is fully functional, ensuring that you can enjoy its timeless sound quality without any compromise. Please refer to the detailed photos provided, showing the actual item you will receive. Despite its age, this device sounds great, delivering a rich audio experience that transports you back to the golden era of portable audio.

As with any vintage item, this Sony CFS-B15 may exhibit signs of wear and tear consistent with its age and prior usage. We encourage you to examine the pictures closely to assess any wear marks or imperfections. Embrace the character and charm that comes with owning a vintage piece like this. We rate it 8/10.

230V - 50Hz 6W // 4x R20 Size Battery or Equivalent
Dimensions: 400 x 140 x 130 mm
Weight: 1533 grams

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