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Vintage 50s perpetual MIRROR calendar / turning calendar - Germany

Vintage 50s perpetual MIRROR calendar / turning calendar - Germany

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Mirror with a perpetual rotating calendar from the 50s. The day of the week, the date and the month are adjusted by turning 4 spheres positioned on both sides of the mirror. It is frameless, the mirror is glued to the surface of the calendar and is secured with two metal clips at the top and bottom.
I gather that the mirror was given away (or perhaps sold) to the customers of "Kohlen Bauer", that if it is the same, it is a coal supply company in Ludwigsstadt (Germany) that still exists.

Great as a gift or as a decoration at home, it is the typical object that everyone will ask you about.
Rescued with love in Vienna.

- ORIGIN: Probably Germany, but was rescued in Vienna.
- MEASURES: 33cm x 27cm (upper) / 22cm (lower) x 2cm
- CONDITION: Vintage in good condition. The corners of the mirror are a little damaged (photos), but can hardly be seen. The paper tape covering the frame is slightly damaged. It is easy to replace, but I did not change it because I think if it has reached this point like this (it is more than 70 years old!) It should stay as it is.

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